Can My Pet Get Me Sick?

Created in Newsletter Library Can I Catch an Illness from My Pet? Rabies isn’t the only disease transmitted from animals to humans. In fact, you and your pet may share more diseases than you may realize. Fortunately, it’s easy to avoid these diseases or conditions by taking a few precautions. Ringworm Ringworm isn’t actually caused … Read more

Why Do Pets Hide When They’re Sick?

Created in Newsletter Library Has it been awhile since you’ve seen your pet? Although your cat, dog or rabbit could just be enjoying a little nap in a quiet corner of the house, lengthy disappearances may occasionally be a sign of an illness. Familiarizing yourself with some of the more subtle symptoms your pet displays … Read more

Reducing the Spread of Disease When You Have Multiple Pets

Created in Newsletter Library What’s worse than a sick pet? Three of them! Viruses and parasitic infections can quickly spread among your pets, making them feel miserable. Taking these preemptive steps when one of your furry friends shows signs of an illness can help you protect the health of the entire group. Determine Who’s Really … Read more

Does Your Cat Have a Grooming Problem?

Created in Newsletter Library Good grooming comes naturally to most cats. They diligently lick their fur multiple times per day, ensuring that their coats look sleek and healthy no matter what the season. When your normally well-groomed pet suddenly looks greasy and disheveled, it’s only normal to be concerned. Although most short-term changes in grooming … Read more

What Your Pet’s Stools Say About Their Health

Created in Newsletter Library Do you favor the rapid swoop-and-bag approach to picking up your dog’s stools or scooping cat litter? Although most pet owners would rather not prolong contact with their pet’s feces, sneaking an occasional peak can provide valuable clues about your furry friend’s health and habits. Brown, Green or Yellow: What Stool … Read more

All About Shedding: Is My Pet Shedding Too Much?

Created in Newsletter Library Does your pet leave piles of hair behind everywhere he or she goes? Although all dogs and cats shed, excessive shedding may be a sign of a health problem or a grooming issue. Fortunately, shedding can be reduced in many cases with medical treatment or a change to your pet’s grooming … Read more

Should my pet get a summer haircut?

A summer haircut may help you feel more comfortable during hot, humid summer weather, but it won’t have the same effect on your pet. In fact, cutting or shaving your pet’s fur can actually compromise your furry friend’s ability to remain cool. Your Pet’s Coat Provides Built-In Climate Control Although wearing a fur coat in … Read more

Hot Spots and Pets: What You Can Do to Help Your Furry Friend

Created in Newsletter Library Scratching is the natural reaction when your skin itches, whether you’re a person or an animal. Although a few seconds of vigorous scratching may feel good initially, raking your nails over your skin usually only worsens the problem. Unfortunately, dogs and cats don’t know when it’s time to stop scratching and … Read more

Caring for Dogs with Wrinkles

Created in Newsletter Library, Tips for Pet Owners Your furry friend’s wrinkles give him or her a very distinctive appearance, but the very characteristic that helps define his or her breed can also cause skin irritation and infections. In many cases, preventing problems is a simple as cleaning skin folds every day. What Causes Skin … Read more